Built with our legendary Mackinaw Wool, the Cascade Jac-Shirt is a heavy-duty overshirt that provides the warmth of a coat. Jac-shirts have been a mainstay in our product line for over fifty years. In fact, one longtime Filson employee recalls his father wearing a Wool Jac-Shirt in Washington’s Cascade Mountains on each and every hike taken with his Scout troop through the 1970s.

This jac-shirt is constructed entirely of warm, moisture-resistant 26-oz. 100% virgin wool. Wool has been the fabric of choice for protection in wet, cold weather for centuries. Its complex fiber structure wicks moisture to the tip of each fiber for evaporation, which keeps you feeling dry even if it gets wet. Our Mackinaw Wool features a very tight weave that turns back cold wind and provides the durability to last generations.

This unlined version of our classic Jac-Shirt features chest pockets with buttons to secure gear hidden under the pocket flaps. This design prevents the buttons from snagging on gear. On the side seam are hand pockets with the knuckle side lined with our warm signature Alaskan Guide flannel. Durable buttons secure the front closure, pockets and adjustable cuffs.

    • Built with warm 100% Mackinaw Wool
    • Button-front with spread collar
    • Button-adjustable cuffs
    • Side-seam hand pockets lined with warm cotton flannel
    • Flapped chest pockets with hidden buttons



24-oz. 100% Mackinaw Wool + 8-oz. cotton flannel



Dry clean only

Made in USA