The first Chris Stapleton Signature jacket by Filson, this special-edition Mackinaw Cruiser is the next chapter in our partnership. Reflecting his deep appreciation for heritage and revival, Chris selected deadstock Mackinaw Wool from our archives for this variation of our 109-year-old iconic jacket. It’s sewn here at Filson with a label unique to the collaboration. Available in limited quantities.

Originally patented in 1914, C.C. Filson’s Cruiser was designed for foresters working in the rain-soaked Pacific Northwest forests. Originally offered as a pullover shirt as well as a button-front jacket, the Cruiser rapidly became one of the most imitated jackets on the market. With its utility and performance also appreciated by hunters, the Cruiser was soon offered in red/black plaid and bright scarlet colors. Filson woolen goods were adopted by the U.S. Forest Service as early as the 1920s, and by the 1940’s, Filson was producing variations of the Cruiser as U.S.F.S. field and uniform attire.

When you want to wear one jacket regardless of changing weather conditions, our original Mackinaw Wool Cruiser excels. It’s made with durable wool in an uncommonly tight weave that turns away wind while remaining highly breathable. Wool’s unique natural structure wicks moisture away for evaporation, enabling it to insulate dry or wet. Its wet-weather performance is the reason wool has been the fabric of choice for outdoor protection for centuries. With four flapped pockets on the front and a full-width pocket the entire back, two layers of wool protect most of the torso, right where it’s most needed.

    • The first Chris Stapleton Signature Mackinaw Cruiser
    • Sewn in USA
    • Made with deadstock 100% wool
    • Wind-resistant, breathable, and insulates even if wet
    • Four front cargo pockets, full-width back packet, and hidden hand pockets
    • Limited-edition



24-oz./LY Mackinaw Wool

Field, Workwear, Everyday, Travel


Dry Clean

Made in USA with imported material.